Editor’s Piece: Five car safety measures to practice during Covid 19

The world is currently battling its worst pandemic in a century, car drivers are forced to adapt to these times. Developing better methods to drive and still stay safe is a priority

The world is battling its largest pandemic in a century, and we at Kritikalli are telling front line workers thank you

The Kritikalli Krew

Even in your car wear masks

wear masks in your car

Although some people don’t agree this tip it is very important. You may feel secure with your windows up and all, but you just can’t know when you may leave your car. And if you forget to put your mask on you end up being exposed

Always clean your car surfaces after the day

In times like this when even the slightest errors could lead to even more fatal errors, it is only normal that you should try to keep your car surfaces clean especially as you would be, driving more frequently

Keep an alcohol based sanitizer within reach

keep hand sanitizer within reach

A very important precautionary measure at a time like this is Sanitizers and you should bear this in mind while driving, having one in your car is a no brainer as it can come in handy at anytime

Try to maintain physical distance while driving with a partner

Of course, we can’t tell you to only drive as a lone ranger, because of the Pandemic. Although that would be a good measure. But if you have to drive with someone who is not your family member, try to maintain your distance. Try sitting the passenger at the back seat behind the front passenger seat

If it is not necessary, stay home.

stay home if it is not essential

This is the most important advice we can offer. In fact if you stay home you stand a better chance of not being exposed. Which is the main goal, so if the drive is not very necessary try your utmost best to stay home

Olamide Adeleke

I writes about cars as a hobby, study at the University as an obligation and when I'm not doing any of this, I play racing and battle royale games as a pastime, I also love reading wattpad books and comics

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