Audi R8 Review: The Full Review

After a brief hiatus for the 2019 model year, The Audi R8 is back with a bang. A sharper exterior styling and revamped lineup and a more convenient cabin, gives the R8 a huge welcome back, but, does it live up to expectations? we’ll find out in this post


With an Impressive performance record, and top notch ergonomics, the R8 is one car you’ll be proud to drive and show off at the parking lot. Its bold V10 engine behind the passenger compartment can give you an otherworldly feeling. Audi did a slight midlife redesign which you can tell from its reworked nose that is a bit edgier and its infotainment system is a huge plus with 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that is standard

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Olamide Adeleke

I writes about cars as a hobby, study at the University as an obligation and when I'm not doing any of this, I play racing and battle royale games as a pastime, I also love reading wattpad books and comics

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